New World in Digitalization Era



        The world has changed, Technology revolutionized our world. Today we sure can’t imagine our life without the technology that we have now. It has a great effect on business, science, education, medical, transportation, and so on. Television, Smartphones, Gadgets, Computers are the devices that we use throughout the day. Those are creating new ways to make our life more convenient and easier than in the past. Technology brings a revolution in our daily life. The access to education, information, medicine, transportation, etc has been simplified due to development in technology. Even development in any country can be measured according to the level of how technology develops.

       The most important effect of technology in our lives which shows that our life is better than past is a social field The society has been changed with the evolution of technology, due to the convenience and efficiency provided by technology, our lives have improved. around 40% of the world’s population use online social media, we are being connected with a lot of people around the world only by using online social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Social media plays a big part in our lives, many businesses effectively use social media to promote their products and connect with the customers, the businessman who can use social media well can successfully expand their business overseas through the Internet.

      Technology can play a highly productive role in the Education field, Technology gives a new face to learning methods, the internet can provide learning materials in a new method. We know that face-to-face learning in a classroom is limited by time and space. but technology can solve that problem, We can easily get any information or learning material from the Internet, Teachers will be able to do a learning process without school building or printed books because digital tools are potential to store a lot of document or show digital books and we can access it and get feedback at any time, anywhere we want. The use of technology in education will increase the level of student’s ability even in this Covid-19 pandemic era, the use of technology in education will be useful and it looks necessary.

Islamic Society           

    However, in the field of religion, Technology also has been widely contributed in Islamic society today. Social media is the most popular communication media used among people across the world, Social media has a positive effect on our daily life but technology also brings negative effects especially for young people. As research many people, many young people today are lazy to study about Islam or find information by reading a book, They are more active to play their media social than to study about Islam or find information by reading a book. Therefore, using social media for spreading the value of Islam is one alternative way to share the value of Islam. Dakwah must be implemented through social media and it will be successful because the advantages offered by social media are effectively used to convey the message of Islam.

    Currently, there are about 2,1 billion internet users across the globe, and 44% of them are from Asia continental with 39,6 million are from Indonesia (Internet-World-Stats: Online). This impacts the increase of social media users across countries around the globe. For example, world Facebook users by the end of 2011 were 799 million, then increased to about 835 million by March 2012 (online) and reached its peak to 1 billion by August 2012 (Guynn: online). Another social network, such as Twitter, users are not as high as Facebook users, but the trend is also increasing. This is justified by World Stats (2012: online).

    Therefore, based on the text above it argued that da’wah in social media is an effective way to deliver Islamic teachings by Muslims in particular Muslim scholars. This has been proven by Ustadz Abdul Somad, Adi Hidayat, and Evie Effendi in his dakwah activities through social media. Their da'wah activities are so interesting and seen as effective and attractive. hopefully, all parties should aware of the importance of social media as a medium of communication for dakwah in this era of information.

Author: Andika Esa Faisa

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